LG delivers ‘Real 8K’ in 2020 with eight new OLED and LCD TVs

LG delivers 'Real 8K' in 2020 with eight new OLED and LCD TVs

With CES going to begin, LG has revealed a few insights about its new awesome TVs at 2020 without referencing costs or discharge dates. In this period that implies hopping from 4K to 8K, and the organization will have eight new models that it says guarantee “Genuine 8K” execution that “surpasses” the CTA’s spec for 8K. The way LG sees things, despite the fact that Samsung’s QLED tech might be ensured as 8K, that doesn’t make it “genuine” without outperforming a base test for differentiate balance (CM) edge necessities.

Those eight 8K models incorporate two LG Signature OLED sets in 88-and 77-inch sizes (88/77 OLED ZX) just as six of its NanoCell-marked LCD TVs (75/65 Nano99, 75/65 Nano97, 75/65 Nano95) in 75-and 65-inch sizes. As far as getting 8K content (at whatever point and any place that is accessible), they can deal with YouTube’s favored AV1 codec just as HEVC and VP9, 8K contributions from USB or HDMI, lastly, 8K 60FPS by means of gushing just as 8K 60P by means of HDMI.

For a new year, LG is bringing a new third-gen version of its Alpha9 AI processor, which of course is ready to do all the upscaling and sharpening necessary for its 8K TVs, as well as AI Sound Pro processing. That’s supposed to identify between five different types of content and adjust accordingly so words are clearer and scenes are upmixed to 5.1.

While we’ll have to wait and see how many of these features trickle down to cheaper televisions, the 8K line will also feature LG’s ThinQ AI tech, with a webOS software package that can handle voice control, plus Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. That all sounds similar to last year’s TVs, but now LG is also promising that it will be compatible with Amazon’s Alexa Premium Far-Field Voice “in the future.” That’s supposed to give third-party devices the same level of voice recognition performance as Amazon’s own Echo devices, and it may finally start to appear widely on the market this year.

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